Teach Compassion with Mama Cat and Her Kittens

This is probably the most adorable stuffed cat that we've ever seen!  The mama cat comes with her very own kittens and they attach to her tummy with velcro.  This is a great way to teach compassion to kids, while also instilling a reverence for Nature and a love for animals.  (click here to learn more about Mama Cat and Her Kittens Nursing Nina Cat)

Another way to teach compassion is to foster a rescued animal in your home, volunteer with a rescue organization and/or support a rescue organization that promotes compassion.  Look for a rescue organization in your area or consider supporting a new rescue organization to help them get established so that they can save lives.

Our boys, ages 7 and 14 have been fostering kittens for our new non profit animal rescue organization.  They were already very compassionate and gentle, but being a part of a genuine, life saving act of kindness and having the responsibility of making sure that these little kittens are safe, well fed, happy and socialized has really made their hearts shine.

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Build Your Own Back Yard Adventure

Spring is just around the corner and these back yard toys create the essentials needed for adventure, imagination, physical fitness and fun!  These toys and activities will spark creativity while nurturing your boy's need for nature and the outdoors.  To create the ultimate back yard adventure, choose a combination of the tight rope (shown above), climbing ladders, platform swing and/or zip line (photos shown below). 

Climbing Ladders

Platform Swing

Zip Line

If you would like to find out more about these adventurous back yard toys, click the following links.  Please know that all links have been tested and are safe to click on.  A new page will open up and take you to Hearthsong.com.

Valentine Cards from the Heart

Boys love Valentine's Day!  It is the perfect day for them to really show how much they love their family and friends.  These vintage Valentines evoke a a sweetness that is often missing in today's technological world.  These would be great for Valentine's Day exchanges between classmates, friends and siblings or as a part of your Valentine's Day decorations.  They are just lovely.

Many boys enjoy making their own cards and everyone loves to receive a hand made card.  The kit shown above has everything that is needed to make beautiful, timeless Valentines.  We used this kit at a Valentine's Day party that we had at our house.  Every child put their heart and soul into each and every Valentine.  This kit is definitely worth the money for the amount of enjoyment and everlasting love that it provides.

Click on Vintage Valentines iconand/or Valentine Kit 
iconto learn more about these items or to buy them for your little guy.

My Little Beating Heart

While looking for unique gifts to give my boys for Valentines Day, I discovered this plush beating heart.   After reading the description of this little pillow, I knew at once that it is the perfect gift for boys of all ages.  Hugging this pillow will remind them of their deep connection to animals and humans by internalizing the rhythm of the heartbeat.  The great thing about this pillow is that the heartbeats are modeled after human heartbeats during meditation, so your boy will unconsciously sync his heartbeat into a more relaxed state of being.  The soft, fluffy cover is washable and it comes in a heart shaped box (shown below).  Follow this link to Hearthsong.com to buy one for your little guy!

Peace on Earth Advent Calendar

We absolutely adore this "Peace on Earth" advent calendar!  Each pocket on this calendar contains an angel dressed in the colors and designs of various country flags.  As each day passes, your boy can place an angel on the location of the country that corresponds with its attire.  What a beautiful way to countdown the days until Christmas day while also celebrating the diversity of earth, understanding global connectedness and practicing heart centered consciousness!  Click here to get one for the wonderful boy in your life ---> Peace On Earth Fabric Advent Calendar