Build Your Own Sensory Obstacle Course

The information that I am about to share with you is not something that you will find in the majority of the baby books and/or books about raising children.  Boys LOVE to balance.  I discovered this with my first son.  When he was very young, he used to step on his the toys and books scattered through out his room.  As new parents, we were concerned that this was a show of disrespect for the things that we bought him, but as time went on, we noticed that he was really seeking ways to balance on anything and everything.  In an effort to provide our son with a more rewarding (and less destructive) sensory experience, we bought him these River Stones (shown above).  He and his little brother love hopping from stone to stone and balancing as they pretend they are playing in a river full of marine life and magical creatures.

After I bought the River Stones for my boys, I saw these textured sensory stepping stones.  They make a great addition to the river stones and can be placed strategically by your boy to simulate the perfect path leading through the woods and down to the river.  With his imagination as his guide, the sky is the limit for the possibilities and the adventures with these Sensory Stepping Stones!

The THE RIVER WALK is another element that would work well with the River Stones.  The boy in your life can build his own balance path and imagine that they are logs, alligators and/or meandering brooks.  Combined with the River Stones and the Sensory Stepping Stones, the THE RIVER WALK adds more to the adventure and allows your boy to satisfy his need to build and create as well!

These Balance Pods (Set of 6) are the ULTIMATE sensory experience.  We can't wait to add these to our sensory obstacle course at home.  The spiky nature of these Balance Pods (Set of 6) feel great on bare feet.  As a matter of fact, this the same texture used by many massage therapists.  It is a great way for your boy to get a much needed foot massage while balancing and having fun with his river adventure :)

Below is a picture of my youngest boy using his River Stones.  He decided to get a laundry basket to use as his boat and asked two of his favorite stuffed animals to come along with him on his adventure.  He used a beautiful blue tie dyed silk to use as the river and positioned the River Stones around the edge of the river.  The adventures never end with these River Stones!  They are a must for all boys, especially those who live in dwellings without a backyard and those who are cooped up in the winter time.  If you would like to buy any of the above items for the boy in your life, just click on any underlined link.  

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