About the Souls of Boys

I am the mother of two boys. I have an MA in Education and a BS in Psychology. After completing research for my Master's thesis in graduate school, I was dismayed to discover the horrific, detrimental effects that violence (in all forms) has on the human brain, especially the brains of children. Violence (in all forms) literally causes brain damage. As a result of violence, violent play, violent video games, violent T.V. shows, stress hormones are released and the brain starts to rewire itself to form coping mechanisms that result in the numbing of certain parts of the brain associated with emotions and memory.

It is imperative that we take the souls of boys into consideration as we guide them along the path of living, learning and loving. As we look outward onto the world today, we can see violence in every direction and the majority of this violence is being perpetrated by boys and men of all ages. It is time to make a change and take a stand for our boys.

Being mindful and conscientious about the stimuli that our boys are being exposed to is essential for the betterment of the future of humankind. They are BIG souls in little bodies that deserve to remain innocent for as long as possible. Violent toys, video games, T.V. shows and other forms of media, steals their innocence and teaches them (in small, subtle doses) that this is who they are on the inside and has a negative impact on their brains.

Boys have also been removed from nature, activities that instill a sense of purpose are nearly non-existent and toys that promote cognitive skills have been replaced with violent and/or nonsensical toys. Essentially, boys have been stripped from all avenues to connect to their own sense of curiosity and wonderment, leaving them with a false and superficial view of the world around them.

My vision is to help others nurture the souls of the boys in their lives. My hope is to help bring back the natural balance that boys deserve. I spend hours researching the best toys, books and media for the souls of boys. At "The Souls of Boys", every product is handpicked by me. I do not get paid to review products, nor do I get products sent to me to review. These are products that I believe in and would personally buy for my own boys. Check back often for more non-violent, non-toxic, soul centered toys, books, media and resources.
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