Cooperative Board Games

Society has dictated that boys need competition to be happy and healthy as children. Not true! Most boys yearn to play games that have no winners or losers.  They strive to learn how to work together as a team without the stress of competition to overshadow the positive life lessons that are learned along the way through game playing with their family and peers.  Cooperative board games are the way to go!  They teach boys of all ages to work together for a common good, which is one of the most important skills for boys to have in the 21st Century.  This type of game will most definitely instill a strong sense of character in boys of all ages.  The following are some of the cooperative games that my boys enjoy playing:

This game incorporates four levels of questions on the cards that are drawn so that boys of all ages can have fun together.  It is a wonderful educational game filled with facts about animals, nature and the great outdoors!  This game inspires children (and their parents) to re-discover the beauty of the Earth.  Everyone is a winner with this game!  Click this link to buy for your guy---> Camp Board Game

Mystery Garden
This game is such a wonderful game for younger boys because no reading is required. This game teaches: Recognition, association, deductive reasoning and promotes effective communication skills.Click here to buy one for your guy ---> Mystery Garden

This game presents a wonderful way to learn about herbs by utilizing injuries and ailments to be healed.  Each player relies upon the recognition of the stems, leaves and/or flowers of a certain herb to identify its healing properties so that they can heal another player's illness or ailment.  It is a delightful game to play with boys because they have an innate love of nature and the outdoors.  It teaches them methods of natural healing in a fun way.  With all of the pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs on our society, this game is a MUST for every 21st century boy to learn a more holistic and natural approach to healing.
Click here to buy one for your guy ---> Wildcraft! - An Herbal Adventure Game

There are many other cooperative board games to choose here to find a game that is perfect for your boy---> Cooperative Board Games

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