Tea Time

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Believe it or not, little boys like to have tea parties also.  I discovered this when my oldest boy was about 2 or 3 years old.  He gathered up all of his favorite stuffed animals and gave each one a sippy cup, then proceeded to pretend to pour them tea.  It happened again with my youngest son just recently, at the age of four.  He decided that he was going to give a tea party to his stuffed animals as well.  He improvised in much the same way that his older brother did.  So, I decided to go on a search for a tea set for my boys to have pretend tea together (even though the oldest one is ten, he loves to play with his brother).  I was pleasantly surprised to see a great selection of tea sets that would be suitable for boys!  I especially love the Curious George Tea Set shown above.  There was also a Sock Monkey Tea Set, a Colorful (non pastel) PVC & BPA free Tea Set and a wonderful Wooden Tea Set (all shown below).  Pretend play is essential for the emotional and social development of boys.  Take a look at these tea sets and plan your first tea party with your boy!


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