My Little Beating Heart

While looking for unique gifts to give my boys for Valentines Day, I discovered this plush beating heart.   After reading the description of this little pillow, I knew at once that it is the perfect gift for boys of all ages.  Hugging this pillow will remind them of their deep connection to animals and humans by internalizing the rhythm of the heartbeat.  The great thing about this pillow is that the heartbeats are modeled after human heartbeats during meditation, so your boy will unconsciously sync his heartbeat into a more relaxed state of being.  The soft, fluffy cover is washable and it comes in a heart shaped box (shown below).  Follow this link to to buy one for your little guy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks LA Mama for this wonderful site and awesome philosophy on raising boys - I couldn't agree with you more! If fact, I am buying this beating heart for my little man for Valentine's Day just because you led me to the product!

L.A. Mama said...

Oh, how wonderful! I am sure that he will fall in love with it! I am so glad that I can guide other people towards these products for their boys. It isn't easy for parents to find products for boys that are gentle, soulful and safe :)

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