Boo Boo Kit

This first aid kit is different from all the others.
Everything come in a box shaped like an ambulance and the kit includes:
  • animal shaped bandages
  • anti - ouchy ointments
  • a pretend stethoscope
  • stickers to make everything all better.   
Boys are often given the impression that it isn't ok to cry even when they are hurt.  They need to be able to feel free to express emotion and communicate all of their feelings.  This little kit, along with positive encouragement will help them grow into emotionally, strong boys who will also be empathetic to the pain of others.  Combine this kit, with this Soft Hug First Aid Cool Pack (shown below) and the boy in your life will be feeling better in no time.  There are also some Sesame Street latex-free bandages and Peanuts latex free bandages available for those boys who are allergic to latex (like my youngest boy).

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