From the Heart

Unfortunately, boys seem to get overlooked on Valentine's Day.  The holiday meant to celebrate love, friendship and compassion has become a holiday filled with consumerism and overindulgence.  While shopping for items for my boys over the past ten years, I have had to wade through tons of merchandise geared towards little girls.  Boys need to feel love and to show love as much as girls do.  This year, I have discovered some very lovely heartfelt items  that I have found that would be perfect for any boy.  (see below)

Boys LOVE to make cards and origami, they are fascinated with candles and LOVE pillows with loving notes from Mama tucked inside. They LOVE to help mama make cupcakes and they LOVE to decorate the house with hearts. Fill his heart with LOVE. Engage him with these wonderful activities and he will glow with the knowledge that he is instrumental in giving and receiving LOVE!

Click here for items (shown above) From the Heart!

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