Playful Chef Kit

Many people don't know this, but boys love to cook!  They love measuring, pouring, stirring and tasting.  The Playful Chef Kit shown above comes with everything to get your boy started in the kitchen: an apron, five healthy recipes, color coded measuring cups and spoons, a pastry brush, a wooden spoon, a rubber spatula, a wire whisk, child safe kitchen scissors, a sand timer, a mixing bowl and a mini baking pan!  There is also a Playful Chef Cookbook that can be added to this kit (sold separately) filled with healthy recipes and cooking tips on planning, shopping, cooking tools, safety and nutrition.  The recipes and tips are illustrated so that even non readers can take part in the joy of cooking. 

Click the links below to get the kit and/or the cookbook for your little chef.
Playful Chef Kit
Playful Chef Cookbook

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