Barefoot Books

We love Barefoot Books at our house because they:

  • Encourage creativity and spark the imagination.
  • Are all printed on ancient-forest-friendly paper which is super important to our family!
  • Have won esteemed awards.
  • Are rooted in traditional stories which is a refreshing alternative to commercialized, character-driven books
  • Introduce children to new cultures and global understanding with our multicultural tales
  • Honor the spirit of child and the sacredness of the Earth.
Some of our favorite books from Barefoot are Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon, The Barefoot Book of Blessings from Many Faiths and Cultures, The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales and The Sun in Me. Our family has enjoyed Barefoot Books so much that I became a Barefoot Ambassador.  If you'd like to check out some of the titles that I mentioned you can go to the Barefoot Books site or check them out on Amazon

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