Lost in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

Boys are inherently naturalistic. They love the outdoors, nature and animals. Animals have an amazing ability to teach children how to truly be compassionate, gentle and kind. Boys are wired to connect with essence of animals, so reading this book with him will be the perfect way to nurture his soul. Your boy will surely fall in love with this book as well as the real life photographs of animals in the woods!

Description of Book:
The forest is abuzz over a newborn fawn. Various creatures have spotted him and all are worried that he might be lost. Despite his assurance that he's just waiting for his mother, the animals chime in with comments and offers of help. She returns, time passes, and the fawn grows stronger. He sees other young animals maturing, and at the end of the story, he is big enough to go exploring with his mother. The slight, meandering plot serves mainly as a vehicle to introduce photos of the forest animals. The images are clear and detailed, and will be sure to draw admiration–especially the adorable close-up of the fawn that even shows his eyelashes. The photo of a tree frog camouflaged against the bark of a tree is another standout. At the end, readers are asked to find specific animals that appear in the pictures. This is not a good choice for a group read-aloud, because the visual details require a close look, but it would be nice for sharing one-on-one.

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