Silk Wings

Boys are often overlooked when it comes to dressing up and pretend play. The truth is that boys need to take part in these activities just as much as girls. It helps them make connections to the outside world and to also get lost in an imaginary world. This is essential for developmental, emotional and psychological development. Let me tell you a secret: Boys of all ages LOVE silk. The feel of silk instantly calms their bodies and awakens their senses simultaneously. This is why I bought both of my sons silk to play with, pretend with, wrap up in etc. I bought this set of wings for my youngest son for dress up and pretend play. He pretends to be a bird, a dragonfly, a superhero...the sky is the limit!

Get a pair of wings for your boy (for less than $25) so that his imagination can soar to faraway lands! Click the link below:
Dragonfly Silk Wings

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