Happy Camper Essentials

We LOVE this lantern!  It is one of the most versatile toys that a boy could have.  In our house, it is used as a nightlight, for pretend camp outs and for evening walks.  Most of all, it makes a great camping accessory.  It has its own built in generator that is powered by the energy of winding up the crank, which lights up 5 LED lights.  It also has a compass on the top and a metal clip for hanging.  Pairing this lantern with the camp out cooking tools shown below would make a great summertime gift for any boy.

Click here to get the lantern and here to get the camping tools for your happy camper!

 To light the flame of inspiration and connect the boy in your life to the wonder of nature, the books shown below are recommended.
Click on this link to the right to read the descriptions of these books:  Camping Books

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